Zilla Adams

Energetic-Wellness Center

Testimonials :

Migraines, Car Accident, Phobias, Mother’s Death:

One of her apparently easiest healings on me (and observed by witnesses) was to lift a migraine and melt it completely away in minutes. It is an incredible experience to be in the depths of a two day migraine attack and to feel it utterly vanish in two minutes. I was recovering from a severe whiplash injury. Not only did she remove the pain in under an hour, but it has not returned to this day. I got adventurous and asked her to work on my phobias. I had become fearful of heights. As an avid surfer, I had also become afraid of deep, dark water. Doing the EFT tapping on my meridians, she conquered my issues in an hour. On a trip to Quito, Ecuador, I was able to climb to the top of a massive church. Zilla worked on my elderly Mother, who was suffering from congestive heart failure. When Mother’s time to go came, she was in hours of desperate panic. Zilla came to our home once again and performed an amazing shift of energy that enabled Mom to relax and finally expire in deep peace. We were all able to honor her life and passing in such a natural and gracious manner. She is a truly gifted healer of the highest degree, and combines it with a delightful sense of humor, deep compassion, humility, and down to earth practicality. Zilla, my thoughts are with you always! Please use my name.

Janet Spreiter, Stanford Grad, Professional Artist, Maui, Hawaii

Weight Loss:

I have lost up to eight pounds this first week! I’m using your Hypnosis CD and am now more aware of portions and eating more slowly. Thanks for giving me the motivation. I’m on my way!

M.M., Public speaking training co., President, Redwood City, California


Thanks so much for mailing me your Quitting Smoking CD. It’s nice to hear the hypno messages again. I needed the reinforcement. I'm now smoke free.

C.K., Designer, Los Angeles, California

Pre-Op and Post-Op of Hip Replacement Surgery:

I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery in two weeks. An old friend from Stanford recommended that I see Zilla Adams, a Healing Touch practitioner. As a Doctor, I was still a little dubious. She was one of the people who started the Healing Touch Clinic at Kaiser Permanente in Maui, and the first Healing Touch Program at Maui’s big County Hospital. Within minutes, I was pain free and totally energized. I completely let go of the anxiety of the surgery. Afterwards, I asked if she could do the same thing post-op by telephone right after the recovery room. She actually sent “energy” to me over the phone. My surgeons (and I) were amazed at my rapid recovery, with no complications whatsoever. I am now a firm believer in Healing Touch. Keep up your good work Zilla.

Dr. C.L., Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, ER, California

Grief and Depression:

I just want you to know that I feel so much better! Much of my grief and depression have lifted. I haven’t felt this good in the 15 months since the funeral. I’m using the EFT tapping all the time, even for pain and it’s really working! Again, thank you so much!

M.S., Business Manager, Mountain View, California

Crushed Ankle:

Our many thanks again for helping Bill. He is still enjoying his pain free ankle. (After so many pain filled years). It gets a little swollen at the end of the day, but nothing more. If you get a few phone calls, you will know that it was “us guys” who have spread the good word! God willing we will see you again soon.

Y.B., Chicago, Illinois

Child Abuse, Trauma, Family Suicide:

Hi, Zilla, I am so glad I went all that way to see you. You are a talented Hypnotherapist and healer. My mind has not gone to those places again. I am going to do the tapping today concerning some other memories. Lots of feelings are moving through me and out. It’s nice to be back and continue using the tools you taught me.

H.A., Mountain Biking Trainer, Colorado

Trauma, PTSD, Self-Esteem:

I want to be sure you saw this. It shows additional evidence of the effectiveness of EFT Tapping on PTSD. Great job on the hypno on Tuesday. I have a new found inner strength, or absence of uncertainty. I took our new self-esteem list to my counselor yesterday, to see if my conscious mind showed any signs of resistance to them, and there were none! WOOHOO! I’m thrilled and so grateful.

P.S., San Jose, California

Heart Transplant:

I am one of the lucky people who was a recipient of a new heart twelve years ago. I am also very lucky to have had relatively good health since the transplant. However, now my kidneys have been troubling me. Also, my energy has been dropping steadily, and so has my blood count. Our whole session was only two hours, yet …the overall effect was amazing!. I couldn’t believe the difference in my feeling of overall well being! I still feel like a new man! My blood count has gone way up and I’m feeling so much better! Thank you, Zilla, for your amazing skills and caring dedication!

N.O., Retired Attorney, Connecticut

Burn Injuries, Knee Surgery:

My name is Gary Kleinhofer. I have used Zilla for a few of my health problems in the past, including being burned in a house fire, and her treatments were very successful. After a knee surgery, my knee was swollen and hot. She was able to cool the area within minutes, and relieve some swelling. She did a tapping technique to relieve me of my fear and stress. My stress level went from 10 down to ZERO. I also had her do a general healing and repair of the energy field around my body, which was very helpful. She is a very talented and gifted person. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you.

G.K., Contractor, Surfer, Maui, Hawaii


I flew bombing missions in Vietnam. After the war, I was pretty crazy. I became an alcoholic, had 3 failed marriages and a beautiful daughter who grew up without me. I tried everything, but nothing helped to erase the haunting flashbacks/memories. I went to Zilla with a terrible phobia of flying. She did TFT on me and the fear disappeared. The more she worked, my old war-traumas began to disappear. Holy God! What a Blessing! She also did Healing Touch sessions many times and my physial ailments also improved! Finally, I am at peace! I'd recommend her to anyone! I'm now a retired police sargent and have a happy marriage and 2 wonderful grandkids. I devote my time to wood carving and I show my work in museums. I bless Zilla for the amazing work she does.

SGT. K.S., Maui, Hawaii

Post-op on Gall Bladder Surgery:

Thank you so much for coming over right after I had my gall bladder out! You have a special gift. My recovery is already quite remarkable. I had one Percocet when I left the hospital, and right after you came and did healing touch on me, I have been on one Tylenol and nothing since then. I am walking around and everything… Thanks so much… All my best

A.P., Hypnotherapist, Palo Alto, California